Dental disease can affect our dogs and cats at any stage of life, but it is most common as our pets enter middle age. Studies at the Veterinary Colleges of Ohio State and Cornell University have found that 85% of dogs and cats over 6 years old have some form of dental disease. Dental disease…

Digital Dental Radiography

All animals who undergo dental cleanings will have full mouth radiographs with our new state of the art hand held digital dental machine. Sometimes teeth that look diseased on the surface actually have very healthy root structure and other times teeth that look good on the surface have diseased roots and require extraction. During the…

Management of Chronic Diseases

Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. McCarron have experience treating chronic diseases such as Cushings Disease, Kidney Disease in both dogs and cats, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Diabetes mellitus and insipidus. We have access to both an in-house and an off-site laboratory to run lab work.

Spays and Neuters

Dr. McCarron performs all spays and neuters at South Hingham Veterinary Services. She has extensive experience, having completed a small animal surgery internship and served as staff veterinarian at Darien Animal Hospital where she was responsible for instructing first year interns during their general medicine and surgery rotations.  Cats are typically spayed or neutered at…


If an animal is limping, vomiting, or coughing our veterinarians will likely recommend that an x-ray or radiograph be taken. We have a CR system which converts radiographs taken on film into digital images. These images can then be sent to an owner, a radiologist, or a surgeon via e-mail if necessary. The radiographs will be…

Ultrasonography Available by Appointment

Dr. Alan Glazer, an internal medicine specialist, performs ultrasounds at South Hingham Veterinary Services every Wednesday. You will be given a drop off time when you schedule an appointment for your animal, but because Dr. Glazer travels to other hospitals in the area it can be difficult to give an exact time when the procedure…

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. McCarron performs soft tissue surgery at South Hingham Veterinary Services. She has many years of experience and completed an internship in small animal surgery. In addition, our certified veterinary technician Mandy was previously employed in the anesthesia department at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital so our monitoring is state-of-the-art. Examples of soft tissue surgery include:…

Puppy & Kitten Visits/Client Education

At the initial puppy & kitten visits the owners will receive a copy of our vaccine protocol as well as heartworm and flea and tick prevention. Vaccine protocols are tailored to the individual pet. We will review all of the physical examination findings and discuss behavior issues. We recommend training for puppies and can review…

Wellness Exams for Adult & Geriatric Dogs and Cats

Each visit starts with a technician weighing your pet and taking a brief history for the veterinarian. The veterinarian will review any previous records you may have and will ask about any health or behavior problems. A full physical examination will be performed and any issues encountered will be discussed with you. We tailor vaccine…