Dr. McCarron performs all spays and neuters at South Hingham Veterinary Services. She has extensive experience, having completed a small animal surgery internship and served as staff veterinarian at Darien Animal Hospital where she was responsible for instructing first year interns during their general medicine and surgery rotations. 
Cats are typically spayed or neutered at 5 1/2 – 6 months of age prior to their first heat cycle. Dogs are typically spayed at 6 months of age as well but we often wait longer to neuter dogs. Dr. McCarron can discuss the pros and cons of waiting to neuter a male dog.
Our spay and neuter protocol is designed to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet:
  1. All patients are required to stay at South Hingham Veterinary Services for the day to make sure they are fully recovered before going home
  2.  Close surgical monitoring and IV fluids provided while they are anesthetized.
  3.  Use of fully absorbable sutures
  4.  Use of appropriate pain medication while the patient is here as well as when they go home.

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DateAugust 11, 2014