Dr. Jenn Johnson has been my vet for twelve years.  She recently opened her own practice in Hingham, MA which is a gift for everyone living on the South Shore! I always tell people that Dr. Johnson is on my top five list of my favorite people for what she has done for my cats. Having a great vet for animal owners is like having a great pediatrician if you have kids. You need someone you can trust, who knows what they are talking about, who really loves animals and can be a guide through the tough times. I met Dr. Johnson years ago when I had been to many vets with my sick cat.  She was the only one to diagnose him with a certain type of diabetes.  It saved his life and I was trained to give insulin and then fluids which kept my cats healthy into their twenties! I have referred all of my friends who are still seeing here. My cats health and well being is one of my top priorities in my life and I assure you if you bring your pet here, it will be safe and diagnosed correctly.  Plus the office is great looking and easy to get to! Five Stars!!


Gretchen G.